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vCares offers a new kind of computer support experience for consumers and small businesses at an affordable price in Delhi, NCR and North India.
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Founded in 2003, vCares offers flexible IT & computer support, professional IT project delivery and expert IT advice. Based in Delhi, vCares is the first direct to consumer, computer repairs, Computer Hardware & Peripherals, Networking and server support company in India. Our specialized computer repairs and support services carries the expertise and experience that we have developed over the years in providing excellent technical support to customers across the Country. vCares's customer satisfaction rate of 95% and resolution rate of 91% are amongst the highest benchmarks in the computer support industry.

Speak to a vCares technician for Computer Support. Repairs, Computer Hardware and Peripherals Installations, CCTV Installations, CCTV Maintenence, Security Devices, Automated Control Systems, New Computers, Networking, Virus Removal, Thin Clients, Servers Setup and Maintenance, Exchange Server,

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